At TrueHooligan Entertainment, we love sound. In fact, we love it so much that we can’t possibly contain it, and we want to share our acoustic message to everyone all over the world. Sometimes even with still & moving images included!  Hopefully, these combinations of sights & sounds will make you feel all the things inside that you thought were shriveled up and dead forever. Whatever emotions come bubbling up, if we’ve gotten you to feel again, then we’ve successfully done our job.

TrueHooligan represents the newest and brightest creators in the industry. With operations currently based in the Midwest, out of the city of Chicago, we are proud to be working with partners located from coast to coast, from the sandy beaches of Southern California, to the massive metropolis of New York City. We strive to build a Portfolio of unique, high-quality content that expresses stories worth telling, from folks whose voices are worth hearing.

Personal Bio:

Dennis G. Potamianos

Dennis G. Potamianos

Owner & CEO

This handsome fellow has been called many things; a Greek God, “Dionysius” returned to the mortal plane to usher in a new age of debauchery, a man, a myth, a legend, a Quokka (?), a pimp, and everything else in between. Those who know him call him all these names and more, but at the end of the day, he’s just Denni; the owner & sometimes not-so-beautiful mind behind this endeavor.

Thank / blame him for everything you see & hear from this point, forward. So, grab some friends, sit back, get up, move around, take a nap, cook a stew, do whatever you must to enjoy yourself to the fullest. From first to last call, we’ll be here for it all.

T.H.E. Media Portfolio

A young boy named, Maximo, discovers the sound of the coquí and decides to educate himself on the newly-found tune. Check out this award-winning Animated Short directed by Yessenia Calderón.

Calderón, Yessenia. “Co-kee!” YouTube, 1/9/2021 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRNtsU_Rt1jGdhhIIvxwTMA.

Directed by Yessenia Calderón
Original Music & Sound Design by Dennis Potamianos

-Vesuvius International Film Festival: Best Animated Short Movie for Co-kee! (2021)
-Sydney Indie Short Festival: Best Sound Design Winner for Co-kee! (2021)
-Paris International Short Festival: Best Editing in Short for Co-kee! (2021)

When the children go to sleep at night, it’s the knightlights and teddy bears that keep the monsters at bay. Excited to announce my role as Executive Producer & Sound Designer on this Animated Short directed by Mackenzie Wertman.


Directed by Mackenzie Wertman
Executive Producer & Sound Design by Dennis Potamianos

T.H.E. Tunes

"Nickel & Dog Blues"

In a dusty basement somewhere in a long-forgotten town, an old record library was found. All unreleased. All uncut. All ready to be unearthed. When the first track played, this is what was heard…

Andrew “Uncle Andy” Brondos. “Nickel & Dog Blues.” TrueHooligan Entertainment, 2021.